Doctoral Researcher in Urban Planning, Design, and Policy at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the Polytechnic University of Milano

Interests : Economy
Countries : Italy

Researcher at the Astrid Foundation, and an Associate Research Assistant in the Economic Policy and Jobs & Skills Unit at CEPS.

Interests : Economy
Countries : Italy

PhD candidate Kingston University London

Interests : Economy Social Europe
Countries : Austria United Kingdom

Senior Research Fellow at University of Warwick, UK. 

Interests : Policy EU external relations
Countries : United Kingdom

Postdoc researcher at the the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Interests : Economy Climate
Countries : Hungary

Doctoral researcher in Economics at the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE)

Interests : Democracy Social Europe Inequality
Countries : Germany

PhD student at the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences at the Department of Social Change

Interests : Migration
Countries : Lithuania

Doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Tampere University, Finland.

Interests : Economy Gender Equality Social Europe
Countries : Finland

History and Policies of the European Union

Interests : Democracy
Countries : Italy

MA in Social Anthropology from the University of Oslo, Norway. 

Interests : Gender Equality Migration Social Europe Conflict
Countries : Norway

Adjunct professor at the Universidad Carlos
III de Madrid.

Interests : Economy Digital
Countries : Spain
Doctoral researcher in political science at the University of Münster
Interests : Climate Climate Change Democracy
Countries : Germany

Research assistant at the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb

Interests : Climate Democracy Inequality
Countries : Croatia

Expert in data analysis for public management and political analysis

Interests : Digital
Countries : Spain

Elected delegate to the Party of European Socialists and Vice-President of Rainbow Rose

Interests : Conflict Gender Equality Social Europe

Assistant Professor of Global Energy and Climate Politics in the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM)

Interests : Foreign Affairs Climate Climate Change
Countries : Belgium Netherlands

Affiliated Postdoctoral Researcher in the Horizon projects ActEU and PUSH*BACK*LASH

Interests : Economy Gender Equality
Countries : Italy

Research and teaching associate at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria. 

Interests : Inequality Economy Social Europe
Countries : Austria

An Accredited Parliamentary Assistant to an MEP. 

Interests : Migration
Countries : Portugal

Joint PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh and KU Leuven

Interests : Democracy Foreign Affairs Inequality
Countries : Belgium Spain United Kingdom