Political Anthropologist

Interests : Democracy
Countries : United Kingdom United States

Political anthropologist based in the UK whose primary research has been with and about European Union civil servants. His doctoral thesis, ‘Homo Europaeus: Identity, bureaucracy and belonging in Brussels’ is drawn from extensive ethnographic fieldwork in and around the European Commission. I hold an MA in social sciences from the University of Chicago and BAs in English, anthropology and intellectual history from the University of Washington.

Working Groups
Future of Europe

The paper outlines a vision of the ongoing Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) from various perspectives and sets out proposals regarding how it should develop in order to contribute to making the EU more democratic. First, the paper discusses further steps the Conference should take towards bridging the gap between EU and national politics.

Second, the paper analyses previous initiatives of treaty reforms which may be incorporated into the Conference on the Future of Europe. Third, the paper lays out the visions of Europe in a half-century’s time among EU Commission officials. Last, the paper discusses citizens’ involvement in shaping EU future through a broader process of European deliberative democracy, and how the CoFoE could advance such a perspective.

Read the paper:
Citizens’ Europe - An institutional turn for an ever-democratic union?

Political Mentor: S&D MEP Domènec Ruiz Devesa
Academic Mentor: Michael Holms, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at Liverpool Hope University